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3.5.2 Modifying the properties – The car example

We will create a simple picture and try to modify the properties of some graphical objects:

The picture of a car drawn in thick colorful lines.

First, draw a circle (defined by the center and the radius) and in the property editor change the stroke-cap to round and property “stroke-width” to 9 mm. The values you set are saved and used again for newly created objects. Create another circle and it will be drawn with stroke width 9 mm.

The Property editor window.

Now change the “center-y” coordinates and the “radius” properties in both circles to the same value (the circles will be aligned horizontally and have the same size). Draw a segment with end points in the centers of the two circles. Now create two intersections of the segment and both circles (using the sshots/intersection.png


A black line connecting the center points.

Select the segment and make it invisible (set the value of the “invisible” property to true). Now let these two intersections make a segment. Draw another two lines (car chassis). The picture should look like this:

The car chassis.

Continue and draw a segment, a quadratic Bézier curve (the roof) and an elliptic arc defined by 3 points (the front end). For this elliptic arc, set the property “conic” to “cw” or “ccw” to get this picture:

The car hood.

Now select both wheels and set their fill color to black (do not forget to set alpha to 1 to make the fill color opaque). Draw some segments for light rays, change their color to yellow, thicken the line to 3 mm. Finally, draw the windows with blue lines:

The finished picture.