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5.2 The context

During your work with VRR , some objects or windows become implicitly significant from time to time: the object you clicked last, the top-level window or the current selection. So, when performing an action, you do not have to specify all the subjects explicitly. The collection of these significant things is called the context. It consists of:

The selection has always the highest priority. If the selection is empty, the other objects are used. Almost all actions, like keyboard shortcut commands, menu commands etc. operate with the current context. For example, if you press Ctrl+Z, which means Undo, the last action is undone in the context page.

The context objects are indicated with the sshots/pencil-on.png icon. The icon can be found in the View and in the Universe browser.

You might have noticed that the menus can be torn off. The torn-off menu is not connected to any document or page, it works with the current context as well. You can watch the menu items being disabled and enabled again as the context changes.