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10.4.1 Basic Features for Plugins

File: gui/cmdmgr.h

As an author of a GUI plugin, you can use any VRR functions you like. However, a basic interface for registering plugin functions into the GUI are provided in addition to functions for plugin loading and unloading. During plugin load, you register the plugin with a description and obtain a unique plugin menu ID. Then you can add your functions into a specially created command category conveniently, as described in Plugin Menu Functions.

Or, you can create your menu commands “manually” and then feed them into the command structure to any place you like. The plugin_ctg category is the one reserved for plugin functions and you can access it directly. Remember, however, that you should not change or remove any commands you have not created yourself.

The plugin functions registered in the GUI do not appear in the function list of the Plugin Manager; instead, you can find them in the View toolbar and View pop-up menu.