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9.1 FONTLIB overview

FONTLIB is the font rendering and manipulation library of the VRR project.

To do the most of the font manipulation and rendering, FONTLIB utilizes the FreeType library. However, FreeType is a very low-level library, does not contain everything and unfortunately it is quite buggy. Thus, a lot of handwork is implemented in FONTLIB, mostly in different font format conversions and high-level font rendering interface. We give a description how the cooperation with FreeType is implemented in FreeType library usage.

FONTLIB contains support for rendering PostScript Type1 fonts and TrueTypes, computing text bounding boxes and converting fonts among these formats. See Supported font formats for the list and description of supported font formats.

The FONTLIB sources are located in the font directory and the public header is the file font/font.h, where you can find the detailed descriptions of all functions and data structures.