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Another possible input kind is OFIK_PROP for property values – any property value which can be stored in VRR 's kernel. The state's type and subtype express the property type and subtype, respectively, and the property value is stored in the struct prop structure.

To gain the property input from the user, the GO Factory creates a property editor widget (see Property Editor Widgets) in the View status bar and lets the user enter a value. The property widget does some basic value checks according to the property type and subtype; any additional checks should be done in action functions of the states. A state can refuse the obtained value using transaction fail.

So far, this feature is rarely used for getting numeric input from the user; usually, all the numbers are set to some default values and can be modified in the Property Editor when the GO is created. This makes the creation process a bit faster; on the other hand, the user has to switch between the View and the Property Editor to get the desired result.

The View status bar showing a property value editor.