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A text or TeX-text object is stored in the go_text or go_tex_text structure, respectively. Both have a position anchor for the text reference point and no hangers. They have also a transformation matrix which defined the text's transformation up to absolute movement.

The position of the text objects is defined by a reference point (hanger) and several properties. The “align” property determines the reference point position with regard to the text bounding box. The “relative-shift” and “absolute-shift” properties determine additional adjustments of the position.

Each text label has several special points useful for aligning. The left reference point is usually a point on text's baseline near the left edge of the leftmost letter and is taken from the used font. We also define the right reference point which is exactly on the right edge of text's bounding box in the current VRR 's version.

First, the label is aligned according to values of “align” and “relative-shift” properties. The result is then translated by “absolute-shift” and transformed with a stored linear transformation (rotation, scale or skew) around the hanger point.

The possible values of “align-x” (the horizontal align) are:

The possible values of “align-y” (the vertical align) are:

The ordinary text contains also the font ID and font size. The TeX text contains an array of TeX glyphs obtained from the FONTLIB.

They have the GOT_TEXT, GOT_TEX_TEXT types, and GOST_TEXT and GOST_TEX_TEXT subtypes, respectively.