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7.2.4 The Text Editor

Files: gui/main.h, gui/fonts.c

The Text Editor is a property editor containing several property editor widgets (see Property Editor Widgets) specific for a text or TeX-text object. It can also be used for editing a large text property of any object, in which case the specialized property widgets are hidden.

The text in the text editing area can be loaded from or saved to a file in the local character encoding (we convert it between the local charset and the UTF-8 encoding used in GTK using iconv). VRR also enables the user to edit the text in an external editor – it creates a child process and waits for it to terminate, which makes VRR look frozen. This also causes problems with editors which fork their process and terminate the original one, like gvim.

For an ordinary text object, the Text Editor displays the list of all installed fonts as obtained from FontConfig.