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1.3.1 The original idea

The VRR project started as a school software project at the Faculty of Mathematics & Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. The work begun in winter 2003 and at the beginning was heavily influenced by the IPE vector editor. In 2003, IPE (version 5.0) was terribly outdated and incompatible with X Window system libraries, resulting in frequent program crashes and errors. But there were great ideas behind IPE's logical design, so we decided to create “our own IPE” enhanced by a powerful scripting language and many other useful features. So we formed the VRR Team, applied with VRR as a school software project and started to work.

However, in the spring of 2004, surprisingly the new IPE version 6.0 appeared, correcting most of its nastiest bugs. We therefore changed our mind and redesigned VRR features (fortunately not much was written at that time) into a new and original vector editor, today overwhelming IPE in most ways.