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3.1.2 Creating graphic objects – the cat example

In the following example, we will create the following picture of a cat:

The cat example.

We start with circles. Create three circles by center and point sshots/circle_center_pt.png to form the head and eyes of a cat like in this picture:

The head and eyes of a cat.

Now continue with segments sshots/segment.png . Draw ten lines – the ears and whiskers. The picture should now look like the following picture:

The ears and whiskers.

Create the cat's mouth using quadratic Bézier curves sshots/bezier_quad.png :

Be'zier curves to form the cat's mouth.

Now draw cubic Bézier curves sshots/bezier_cubic.png (the cat's tail):

The cat's tail.

At last finish the picture with a quadratic Bézier curve. The resulting picture should look like this:

The resulting picture.