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2.1 Installation Requirements

Hardware requirements

VRR has no specific hardware requirements except for

To prevent difficulties with long reaction times while running VRR , it is also recommended to have a system fast enough to perform sophisticated geometric computations.

Software requirements

VRR was developed under Linux operating system, but if all prerequisities are fulfilled, it can run under any of *NIX-like systems.

Before the installation of VRR , make sure your system fulfils these prerequisities:

This is enough only when installing VRR from a binary package. To compile VRR on your own you need also these:

In most cases you will need the development packages (libXXX-dev) of the previous libraries to compile VRR .

The program is also able to use the libpaper library for paper sizes management and Cairo library for advanced rendering, but they are not mandatory for successful compilation.

Optional: The documentation books are distributed along with VRR . No compilation of the documentation is needed; however, if for any reason you want to build the documentation yourself, you will need the GNU Texinfo (version at least 4.7) and various utilities, like texi2html. For instructions how to build the documentation, see the Programmer's Manual.