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2.2 Compilation

There are two ways to install VRR . Either you can download the source files and compile VRR , or you can download and install the x86 binary as a Debian package. We will now describe the compilation.

Download the gzip or bzip2 archive from the website Unpack the archive and change directory to its root directory. Then type make config to configure your installation automatically or run build/configure to configure your installation manually. The build/configure script accepts many options as other configure scripts do; for help about these options, run build/configure --help.

If you have the Cairo library installed and you want to use it instead of GDK for image rendering, then you can enable it manually during configuration.

When the configuration has finished, type make final to compile the program.

Optional: If you do not want to install the program, you can still compile and run it. Instead of make final, run make local only to compile the program. To run the program, run bin/vrr or bin/guile-vrr in the run directory.