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The goal of the VRR project is to create a vector image editor designed especially (but not only) for making illustrations of mathematical articles. Its main features are many types of geometric objects and keeping of their dependencies, cooperation with TeX, scripting in Scheme, real-size dimensions, support for a wide range of file formats (including PS, EPS, PDF, and SVG). More ...

The VRR project was started as a student project at Faculty of Maths and Physics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. In September 2005, it was defended successfully. However, it is still being developed in the authors' free time.

Unfortunately, VRR is not maintained any longer. The most recent release is usable, but it has several rough edges. Still, we believe that VRR is based on a lot of rather nice ideas, so we keep it online in hope that one day somebody steps up and continues the story… If you have any questions or comments, please contact Martin Mareš.

VRR 0.9.4 Release is here!

Released on 2007-3-22 15:00 (other releases)

Download source as a gzip archive. You can also download the documentation containing the user's and programmer's manual in HTML, DVI, PS and PDF formats as gzip archive. This is a beta release. Please feel free to report any suggestions, ideas, or bugs to us.

What's new in version 0.9.4?

For more information and help, see the documentation.