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1.1 About this manual

This book does not contain instructions how to use VRR , for that purpose consult The VRR User's Manual. Instead, it covers the principles behind the source code and allows a programmer to get familiar with VRR sources easily. Furthermore, almost all source files and headers are heavily commented.

The Programmer's Manual is not the reference documentation of all VRR libraries and modules. For that purpose, consult the reference manual prepared from source code. The source code documentation is extracted using the Doxygen tool into HTML to allow fast navigation through function descriptions, structure index, etc. See Documentation for details.

However, as VRR is under constant development, some of the contents of this book can easily get outdated, because there is always some delay between changing the source code and source code documentation and between changing the Programmer's Manual. Fortunately, the project design is reasonably robust and therefore we expect the design changes in the future to be only minimal.