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14 Documentation

The documentation of the VRR project is split into these three parts:

14.1 Building manuals

The source code of The User's Manual and The Programmer's Manual in GNU Makeinfo format (see for details) is located in the subdirectory doc/manual of the VRR 's project tree.

Both manuals can be compiled by executing the make command (see Makefiles) in doc/manual subdirectory or by make manual in the root directory. The script generates printable books in DVI, PS and PDF format and also a cross-referenced HTML documentation.

Additional necessary tools beside the GNU Makeinfo Documentation Project to successfully compile the books are TeX, pdfTeX and the bmeps utility, available at

The results are generated in doc/manual to files with the prefix manual for The User's Manual and the progman for The Programmer's Manual. HTML documentations are located in manual_html and progman_html with index.html as the main file.

14.2 Building source code documentation

Source files in the project follow a syntax that can be processed with the Doxygen tool to generate an on-line documentation. Doxygen is able to automatically recognize all definitions if C source and process their description from special comments, beginning with “/**” or “///”. Details about the syntax can be found at

The source code documentation can be built with make doc command executed in the VRR 's root directory. Resulting HTML documentation is generated to the subdirectory doc/reference/html.