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15 Future plans

This chapter documents the most important changes we plan in the future releases. Some of them are partially implemented, some of them are only designed. For the complete list of bugs, errors and planned features look at VRR Bugzilla (see Bug tracking system).


The VRRLIB is quite complete for our needs.


There are many possible ways, how to improve functionality of GEOMLIB. The main plans for later versions of VRR are:

15.3 Kernel

15.4 GUI

The GUI feature plans depend on the needs of other VRR modules. Namely, we plan to do the following:

15.5 VCL


15.7 Plugins

15.8 Export and Import

In future versions, we would like to:

15.9 Scheme

15.10 Other

We would like to satisfy all incentive suggestions reported by users and remain in developing VRR .