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12.2 IPE import

The current version (6.0 at the time being) of the IPE editor is available at As in the time we were developing VRR there was installed the outdated version 5.0, we decided to write a really simple and basic import module to reuse the vast amount of IPE v5.0 pictures.

Writing the importer (located in import/ipe5.c) was the work of trial and error, as the IPE native format is not documented. We mention that it is a 3-in-1 polyglot. When processed by TeX it produces the TeX writings and when processed by a PostScript interpreter, the graphics is printed. Moreover, some internal IPE information is saved in the comments.

The importer is a simple text file parser, see the source for details on IPE format. The following features are not implemented:

The discovered IPE objects are inserted into the supplied TLO.