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12.3 SVG import

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics and graphical applications in XML. VRR supports SVG 1.1, which is a W3C Recommendation.

SVG makes it possible to do high-resolution printing, animation, drill down, rollover and pop up text along with other special effects. It is an open standard.

More information about the SVG format is available at the Adobe's website at, for specification, see

SVG is XML based, so we use the libxml library to read tags and attributes from the imported file. We do not support all SVG features, especially groups, cascading styles, triggers, filters, some text transformations, patterns and because of our different internal arc representation, we do not support SVG arcs.

According to the imported graphic object, we read some of its attributes, which are advanced in VRR . In case of any error, the import finishes with an error status. If all needed (and eventually some optional) attributes of the imported graphic object are read, the appropriate VRR graphic object is created in the VRR kernel and these attributes are set as its properties.

We expect SVG import to support more features in future releases.