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3.4.1 Transforming using the Select/Transform tool

Now we will show how to perform affine transformations (like move, rotate, skew) on geometric objects. Switch to the Select/Transform mode by clicking the sshots/select_mode.png icon. Select the objects you want to transform (see Selection). On the red bounding box of selection, there are small squares of various colors. These are the transformation gadgets, each gadget stands for a certain transformation. While holding the Shift key, you can see different transformation gadgets.


By dragging the red cross in the middle of the bounding box or by dragging the box boundary (far enough from a gadget), you move the selected objects.


On the bounding box, there are eight red gadgets – in each corner and in the middle of the sides of the rectangle. The gadgets in the middle of each horizontal side resize the objects vertically and conversely. The horizontal size remains unchanged, thus this action modifies the aspect ratio. To scale equally in both directions (and keep the aspect ratio unchanged), use the corner gadgets. The red cross is the fixed point of the resize transformations.

Transformation gadgets in the normal mode.
Transformation gadgets in the `Shift' mode.

While holding the Shift key pressed, the corner gadgets become magenta and then by dragging them, you rotate the selected objects. Here, the red cross is the fixed point (the center of the rotation), too.


VRR also allows you to skew selected objects. Like for rotation, during the whole operation you have to keep the Shift key pressed. The blue segment which appears while pressing the Shift key represents the skew axis. Only the direction (and not the length of the segment) is important; the line coming through the segment contains all the fixed points of the transformation. Now drag the blue gadgets (in the middle of the bounding box sides) to skew according to the axis. Notice that dragging the gadget in the direction perpendicular to the axis has no effect, only the parallel movement causes the skew.

Edit the fixed points

While holding the Shift key, you can also change the position of the red cross and the skew axis point by dragging them.