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2.6 External programs

There is number of libraries VRR utilizes, as well as some auxiliary external programs used during compilation. The programs used to prepare VRR documentation are not listed here. For that purpose see Documentation.

2.6.1 Libraries

VRR utilizes the following external libraries. Make sure the development variant of packages (library headers) are installed on your system. GTK+ library

Version at least 2.6.0 of GTK+ library is required. All fragments of GUI (see GUI) are written under GTK+, as well as some rendering routines (see VCL). Guile library

Version at least 1.6 is required. Guile is an interpreter of the Scheme programming language. See Scheme for details how VRR utilizes Guile. LibKPathSea library

The library's fundamental purpose is to return a filename from a list of directories specified by the user, similar to what shells do when looking up program names to execute. The purpose in VRR is to search for TeX fonts and other files in various stages of TeX texts compilation and rendering. See DVI import for details. FontConfig

Version at least 2.3.1 is required. FontConfig is a library designed to provide system-wide font configuration, customization and application access. VRR uses FontConfig to search for installed fonts to be used by standard text objects (see FONTLIB) and for font substitution when requested font is not available (see Import and Scheme). Zlib library

The Zlib library is a general purpose data compression library. In VRR , it is used in PDF export routines to compress PDF data streams (see PDF export). LibXML library

Version at least 2.0 is required. The LibXML library is used to parse XML files. As the SVG is an XML data format, the library is used during SVG export and import. See SVG export and SVG import. LibPaper library

The LibPaper library is optional, the configure script (see Configure script) is able to configure VRR without LibPaper. The library is used in GUI for comfortable paper format selection (see GUI). FreeType library

FreeType is a software library that can be used by all kinds of applications to access the content of font files. Version exactly 2.1.9 is required. The FreeType library is used in somewhat nonstandard way and a copy of library sources is distributed along with VRR sources. The library is used to do font rendering and various other font manipulation. See FONTLIB. Cairo library

The Cairo library is optional and must be explicitly enabled during installation. The Cairo library can be used as alternative drawing backend in VCL (see VCL). It brings anti-aliased lines and alpha-blending toVRR .

2.6.2 Other tools GNU make

Project building utility. See Makefiles. Autoconf

Autoconf is a tool used to build build/configure script. See Configure script. GNU awk

The gawk is used only during compilation in the “snarfing” process to build Scheme bindings from C sources. See Scheme for details. Perl

Perl is used only in the build/mergedeps script to maintain Makefile dependence informations for project building. See Project building system. pdfTeX

TeX is used to compile TeX text objects (see Kernel). XXX: podrobnejsi odkaz Actually, pdfTeX himself is not used, only the vector versions of TeX fonts and libkpathsea search databases are needed. However, there does not exist a separate vector TeX fonts package, so VRR requires whole pdfTeX, which includes the standard TeX by default.